Entrepreneur, investor, business coach

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How can I be helpful to entrepreneurs and founders?
Over the course of 17 years as an entrepreneur, I have gone from zero to a turnover of half a billion, overcoming all the challenges of a growing business. In 2021, I launched my own venture accelerator for IT teams and am an investor in several projects. Additionally, as a tracker and coach, I help owners overcome their current limitations.
The requests I work with are:
  1. You are not satisfied with the pace of business growth.
  2. You are not satisfied with your personal role in the business.
  3. You want to attract investments or partners.
  4. You want to enter the MENA or Saudi Arabian market.
Service for electronic document flow between restaurants and suppliers.
Service for promoting local business. Working with reviews and feedbacks, newsletters, notifications.
Online platform for restaurant delivery management: website, mobile application, loyalty system, courier management in one window.
Quick delivery service
Quick delivery service for groceries
LEMMA - an IT solutions integrator for restaurants, one of the largest partners of iiko company (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan).
Investor in projects:
All-in-one platform for booking tables in restaurants, queue management, and guest feedback collection system.
My experience:
Practicing business coach. More than 70 entrepreneurs from different industries have successfully completed my mentoring course.
Author of the business books "Twenty Three Rakes" and "Just about Growth."
My strong skills
I will help implement growth tools into your business: structure, goal-setting, sales strategy, metrics.
I was born in Rostov-on-Don and absorbed the traits of a southern trading city. My childhood was not particularly abundant, so the drive to earn money independently arose early on.

My first business initiatives included selling apples at the market, collecting bottles, and running a car wash.
Early in life, I was fortunate to fall in love with math. I graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Rostov State University.

In 2005, I and a friend from university founded a 1C franchise company called LEMMA. The name of the company translates as a mathematical term and the combination of our surnames (Lebedev and Malyshevsky).

In 2013, I met Anton Dolgov, the leader of the company First Bit. This meeting marked the beginning of a long and successful partnership.
In 2014, the 1C direction became part of the First Bit, while LEMMA and I focused on the restaurant IT field. During this time, I managed to build a profitable company with over 5000 regular clients.
In 2023, I sold the LEMMA company to my partner. After that, I’ve helped as a startup advisor in the UAE and explored market opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Currently, I support companies as an advisor and mentor and seek new challenges for myself.

About my personal life - I am married and have two daughters. I love reading and especially writing books.
One of my passions is motorcycle adventures. The farthest and most challenging journey was from Rostov-on-Don to Rybachiy Peninsula. The most enjoyable was riding a Harley Davidson along the entire Black Sea coast, and the hottest was traveling through cities in Turkey. I also maintain energy and strength balance through sports, and for mental warm-up, I play poker and Quiz Please.
Some facts about me:
In 2016, co-authored with Yanina Strelkovskaya, I wrote the book "Twenty-Three Rakes". This is a guide for entrepreneurs who either want to open their own business, or have already done so, but do not get the expected results. We described the most common mistakes in building a business that I myself made in the development of my company between 2015 and 2016. We also gave practical advice on how to avoid such mistakes.
We continued to pursue our writing ambitions with the book "Just about Growth", which was published in 2021. In this book, we describe a business management system for companies that have encountered difficulties at the growth stage. I hope this book will help all entrepreneurs and top managers achieve their business expansion goals.